Renovation of the Family-Type Children’s Home in Wierzbice

We support the renovation of the Family-Type Children’s Home in Wierzbice, where Maciejka and Jerzy act as foster parents for 4 handicapped children.

Renovation of the St. Brother Albert Shelter for Homeless Men in Wrocław

We are renovating a shelter for homeless men which is run in Wrocław by the St. Brother Albert Aid Society.

Help in the construction of the Youth Center for the Artistic and Spiritual Development of the “Passion of Life” Foundation in Legionowo

We help construct a center which, among others, will provide temporary shelter to young people who have completed substance misuse treatment and need to prepare for independent living.

Extension of a hostel serving people at risk of homelessness in Pszczyna

We help extend a hostel serving people who are at risk of homelessness and people who recover from addictions. The hostel is part of Mother Eva’s Blue Cross House in Pszczyna.