People we help


People we help

We help low-income people in need of better housing, i.e. those who do not have a decent place to live. Some of them live in apartments which are in a bad technical condition, for example with mold, without access to running water or bathroom. Others live in owercrowded housing: their apartments are too small in relation to the number of residents. 
People we help have different housing problems but they have a similar attitude: they want to improve their situation and actively partner with us, for example by participating in construction and renovation works. 
We support not only individual families who contact us directly, but also beneficiaries of other NGOs with which we implement partnership projects. Thanks to such partnership projects, we can provide a comprehensive support to those people who need not only better housing conditions but also temporary or permanent support in housing management (offered, for example, by a tutor or a counselor).

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