Renovation of a house or apartment

Habitat for Humanity Poland helps families in difficult housing situation to renovate their houses and apartments. It grants an interest-free rate for covering the costs of the renovation, as well as tries to lower these costs by engaging volunteers and collecting building materials from donors. In order to ensure high quality of work, it provides technical supervision and coordinates the whole process.

 A renovation could involve:

  • Adjusting rooms to the needs of the disabled
  • Exchanging or creating basic installations, such as plumbing or electrical installation
  • Removing any dampness or mold, as well as securing the house so that the problem does not return, e.g. through exchanging roofs or windows

Because of the limited organisational capabilities an apartment or a house cannot be further than 2 hours away from one of the Habitat Poland offices (Gliwice or Warsaw).

In order to receive our assistance in renovation, a family must meet the following 4 basic criteria:

  • Be in difficult housing situation
  • Be ready for a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Poland
  • Live permanently in the renovated house or apartment
  • Be able to finance the renovation through a payback of an interest-free loan


If you have familiarized yourself with the assistance criteria and think that you meet them, fill in an application form and send it to If you have questions regarding the application form, write to or call our office in Warsaw and ask for someone from the Program Department: 22 642 57 42.