Conversion of a former bakery in Ziębice into a house for Bożena and Arkadiusz’s family

In 2015 and 2016, we support the family of Bożena, Arkadiusz and their 5 children who live in Ziębice (south-west of Poland). The goal is for them to move out of a one bedroom apartment which is much too small for 7 people. After the family got a building of a former bakery from the municipality, we help to convert it into a decent house.

Whom do we help? (about Bożena and Arkadiusz’s family)

Bożena and Arkadiusz live with 5 children aged 2 to 15 in a one bedroom apartment in Ziębice (south-west of Poland). Bożena looks after the children and Arkadiusz works on a production line in a plant. In 2015, the family got a building a former bakery from the municipality. However, they did not have enough money to make it habitable. The necessary conversion works were so expensive and so significant that the family asked us for help.

How do we help ?

Habitat for Humanity Poland helps to reduce the cost of conversion works by organizing volunteering events at the build site, engaging skilled volunteers, acquiring donations of building materials and coordinating works performed by specialists.

  1. Organizing volunteering events at the build site

Between July 2015 and April 2016, we organized 5 volunteering events at the build site. They were attended by corporate volunteers from the Credit Suisse office in Wrocław (4 events) and Global Village volunteers from the US (1 event).

The Credit Suisse volunteers helped with demolitions, for example they removed a big oven which is now replaced by a kitchen and a bathroom. They also cleared the rubble, built and primed new partition walls, then prepared them to be painted.

In April 2016, Global Village volunteers from the US spent one week at the build site. They helped with installing and plastering ceilings, insulating the roof and installing door frames.

  1. Engaging skilled volunteers

The architect Agata Miernik supported us as a skilled volunteer. She prepared an architectural project which was necessary to perform conversion works.

  1. Acquiring donations of building materials

We received some building materials as donations. Fundacja Fabryki Marzeń donated bathroom fittings, while Witan provided us with fitted carpets.

  1. Coordinating works of specialists

The works that were too complicated for the volunteers were assigned to specialists who, among others, installed windows, insulated the floors and poured concrete.

We also provided the family with an interest-free loan, thanks to which they can cover those costs which cannot be reduced to zero.

Details of the project

July 2015 – December 2016
Ziębice (south-west of Poland)

Adam Król