House extension with the family of Agata and Mirosław in Redzyńskie


Since April 2017 we have been supporting Agata and Mirosław in Redzyńskie (Central Poland). We help them build an addition to their house so their 8-person family has more living space than just one room.


Meet the family

Agata and Mirosław live with their 6 children (aged 2 to 13) in half of a house in a village near Mińsk Mazowiecki (Central Poland). Their current living space consists of just one midsize room, which serves as a dining room, bedroom, living room and study room for the children. There is no bathroom or real kitchen (just a sink and oven in the cold hall). Agata explains that the current conditions are especially difficult for the children:

The children are growing up and they need more space. Right now it is difficult for them to do their homework – when one tries to read, another wants to play, etc.


How do we help?

We help Agata and Mirosław in a project which involves extension of the house and creation of additional bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Between April and October, we worked hand in hand with the family and over 160 volunteers from several countries, including Poland, the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Austria. The building shell was finished in October and the house was prepared for the winter.