Renovation of the Family-Type Children’s Home in Wierzbice with Credit Suisse volunteers

Since April 2017, we have been helping in the renovation of the Family-Type Children’s Home run by Maciejka and Jerzy in Wierzbice, just outside Wroclaw. Credit Suisse supports the project, and its employees regularly volunteer to help out with fit-out works.

We have been renovating and adapting the Children’s Home so that it fulfills the needs of its residents. The children looked after by Maciejka and Jerzy are handicapped and two of them use wheelchairs, so one of the required works involved paving garden paths so that the children can move around freely.

More information about the project can be found on the project page: Renovation of the Family-Type Children’s Home in Wierzbice.

The project is supported by our business partner, Credit Suisse. Its donation helps to cover the cost of building materials while the employees of its Wrocław office are involved in the actual fit-out works as they participate in corporate volunteering events in Wierzbice.

Until mid-June, we organized 3 one-day volunteering events which were joined by 48 Credit Suisse employees. The volunteers spent a total of 300 hours assisting in renovations, mainly clearing the garden and paving the garden paths.

Thanks to the help of Credit Suisee volunteers, we managed to carry out a lot of garden works aimed at making the garden more accessible for the handicapped children of Maciejka and Jerzy. The volunteers enjoyed the fact that their help brought tangible effects and rated the project very high. The average score on the satisfaction survey filled in by the volunteers at the end of each volunteering event amounted to as much as 98%.

The survey answers mentioned the following as the highlights of the volunteering events:

  • great atmosphere and tangible effects of the effort put into the works
  • being able to meet and help such a wonderful family
  • great hosts, one wants to help people like this
  • opportunity for the team to spend time together whilst carrying out satisfying tasks
  • physical work is the best way to integrate the team

This definitely is not the last volunteering event with employees of the Credit Suisse office in Wrocław. We are already planning more joint initiatives in the area.