Renovations of the “Szansa” Social Readaptation Center in Opole

Since 2012, we have been performing necessary renovation works at the “Szansa” Social Readaptation Center in Opole. The Center supports families who experienced homelessness by providing them with shelter and gradually preparing them for independent living.

How do we help? (about the renovation project)

Cooperation between Habitat for Humanity Poland and the “Szansa” Social Readaptation Center commenced in 2011. At first the Center employees informed us about the families who had left the Center and needed help in renovating municipal apartments which they had been allocated. As a result, we could help the families who overcame homelessness but ended up in apartments which were in a very bad technical condition. Such families did not have financial means to do renovation works on their own so we provided them with necessary support. In total, we have helped to renovate apartments of 10 families who used to live in the Center.

Since 2012, we have been supporting not only past but also current residents of the “Szansa” Social Readaptation Center. With the help of volunteers, we have been performing ongoing renovation works in the Center, for example we paint walls in bedrooms and common areas (such as corridors, staircases, bathrooms and kitchen). We have been also donating renovating supplies, such as paint and other tools which are used by volunteers during volunteering events.

So far we have had over 100 volunteers on board and they have been all employees of the Credit Suisse office in Wrocław. In 2016 alone, we organized 3 corporate volunteering events which were attended by 63 Credit Suisse employees.

Whom do we help? (about the “Szansa” Social Readaptation Center)

The “Szansa” Social Readaptation Center was established in Opole in 1992. It offers temporary shelter to families who experienced homelessness and its maximum capacity is 60 families (130 people) at any given time. It provides individualized support, such as therapeutic counselling and vocational training. Its goal is to help the families to achieve a full social readaptation, meaning the state in which they are able to function fully on their own, outside of the Center.

The Center offers support to the adult family members as well as to their children. The children can develop their social skills and interests by participating in the workshops organized by the children’s daycare facilities.

Details of the project

since June 2012

Opole (south-west of Poland)

Adam Król