Commitment to safeguarding


Habitat for Humanity Poland has no tolerance for sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment. Nothing is more important than the welfare of the people in the communities where we work, our volunteers, and our staff.


Promoting a “speak-up” culture

Employees and members of the communities where we work are encouraged to report incidents of exploitation, abuse, or harassment, including through our confidential reporting system, the Habitat Ethics and Accountability Line. Any staff member who files a report or is a witness providing information related to such a report is protected against retaliation. We can only address and stop safeguarding violations if we all are committed to being a part of the solution.


Continuous improvement

We have worked hard to improve our safeguarding incident reporting systems. Even so, we know we must remain vigilant and continue to strengthen our training programs.


Our commitment

Our commitment to preventing sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment is unwavering. For us, safeguarding is not an end state but rather an ongoing process — one of humility as we continue to improve, one of courage as we raise our voices to protect ourselves and others, and one of accountability as we maintain the trust of the communities where we work. The people our mission calls us to serve, our volunteers, our staff, and our partners all must feel safe in order for us to truly join together to build a world where everyone has a decent place to call home.