Create a Campus Chapter

We encourage students and teachers from secondary schools to create their own school Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter groups. These are permanent, organized groups of young people which support Habitat Poland throughout the year by:

  1. MEETINGS: together with a guardian teacher, they regularly meet to plan various activities;
  2. VOLUNTEERING: several times a year they help as volunteers at construction sites of Habitat Poland in Warsaw and nearby;
  3. FUNDRAISING: regular school fundraisers for the projects of Habitat Poland

There are several hundred Campus Chapter groups around the world. In the US only there almost 500 of them.

In Poland there are currently 3 Campus Chapter groups: in Warsaw, Gliwice and Zabrze. The oldest group is in Warsaw and was it founded in 2014 at the Bednarska School. Currently, it has about 20 members.


Founding a group is easy and it does not involve any costs.

  1. Contact the volunteering coordinator at Habitat Poland, who will give you all informational materials;
  2. Find a teacher, who will become the Campus Chapter guardian: they will help you getting the principal’s permission for establishing the group and organizing fundraising at school; they will also participate in the group’s meetings;
  3. Spread the informational materials at school, gather a group of interested students;
  4. Organize the first meeting and choose a coordinator and a treasurer;
  5. Start acting. If you need any more information or materials (e.g. leaflets), contact the volunteering coordinator.


Download the leaflet in which we present the benefits of running a school Campus Chapter groups.


If you would like for a Campus Chapter group to be founded at your school, contact our volunteering coordinators.

Warsaw: Magdalena Więch (

Gliwice: Karolina Pawełek (