Help raise funds


In order to fulfill our mission funds are necessary. We appreciate all donations, as they allow us to increase the scope of our actions and help more people in difficult housing situation (e.g. through construction or renovation projects). We encourage not only to make donations, but also to organize fundraisers for our projects. Fundraising can bring lots of joy and be a great way of developing new skills.

Download our fundraising guidebook in order to learn about sample events that you can organize in order to successfully fundraise for Habitat Poland projects and have fun while doing it.

You are limited only by your imagination. Remember that you have many possibilities to fundraise. In our guidebook you can find only some ideas. Fundraising can be done during a meeting with friends, at work, school or while meeting neighbors. Connect your passion with fundraising for a noble cause.

We will be happy to support you in fundraising. There are fundraising materials available in our offices: posters, T-shirts and donation boxes.

Contact our volunteering coordinators ( and set up an appointment in one of our offices (in Warsaw or Gliwice). During the meeting we will give you all the materials needed for a fundraiser and a volunteer declaration. We will also answer all your questions, so that you can easily start action and organize a fundraiser for the projects of Habitat Poland.



If you would like to try to organize a fundraiser for the projects of Habitat Poland in your school or class, we encourage you to read our fundraising guidebook, which will tell you how to do it.

It could be a one-time fundraiser during a school event or an activity you could organize regularly at your school.

In our guidebook you can find sample ideas, but you are limited only by your imagination. Think about the profile of your school and class. Try to organize an event that would interest your peers – it should be enjoyable both for you and the participants.

If you would like to organize one of the events proposed in the fundraising guidebook or have your own idea for fundraising, please contact our volunteering coordinators at Before the event, we would like to meet you in one of our offices (in Warsaw or Gliwice) and give you a volunteer declaration and all the fundraising materials: donation boxes, T-shirts and posters.



Download the fundraising guidebook