Social Rental Agency


Referring to Western models, the Social Rental Agency was founded for the poor, who are unable to achieve decent living conditions. The Agency provides two basic services:

  • Housing service
  • Employment service


As a part of its housing service, the Agency rents inexpensive private and social apartments and then it sublets them to those in need. The Agency offers a guarantee package to the property owners:

  • Long-term and safe tenancy,
  • Guarantee of prompt payment of rent and bills
  • Careful verification of potential tenants
  • Monitoring the housing use
  • After the lease ends, the housing will be returned in a condition no worse than at the beginning of the lease


Additionally, as a part of its housing service, the Agency can renovate the apartment cheaper than commercial subcontractors.

Apart from the housing service, the Agency assists its client in finding stable employment. Participants of the program independently cover their lease costs, therefore securing their position on the job market is a task equally important as providing them with housing support. They are offered counsel and job broking.

The pivotal role in the activities of the Agency have the social rental specialists, who are employees of our foundation. These employees maintain direct individual contact with each client.