Why partner with us?


Cooperation with business – a win-win relation

Habitat Poland bases its program of long-term partnership with business on a win-win relationship: the partner implements its own policy of corporate social responsibility by involving its employees in social action and develops organizational culture based on values. Simultaneously, Habitat Poland gains an opportunity of supporting more people and families, which gain ‘a roof over their heads’ in simple, solid and affordable houses. The housing projects of Habitat Poland are innovative, replicable and scalable. Companies, non-governmental organizations, government representatives and municipalities who are our partners become a part of a social change – a better policy for achieving decent housing for all.


Benefits for the company:
  • Participation in innovative, ecological projects, which solve housing problems in Poland with a non-profit organization with 25 years of experience
  • Unique CSR program designed jointly by Habitat Poland (design thinking) and in accordance with the strategic goals of the company
  • Including the company in social campaigns regarding Polish and global housing challenges
  • Unique corporate volunteering program in Poland and abroad
  • Team building for employees with an added value – beneficial for all communities
  • Strengthened relations of the company with the local community
  • Promotion of business partners (presentations, traditional and social media, events, conferences, seminars, debates etc.)
  • Possibility of a tax-deductible donation
  • Financial benefits (e.g. reducing the costs of utilizing by donating to Habitat Poland – damaged furniture, building materials etc.)
  • Researching the satisfaction of employees
  • Cooperation reports for CSR reports and other communicational materials


Benefits for Habitat Poland:
  • Lowered costs of construction/renovation because of the participation of volunteers and donations from businesses
  • Promotion of volunteering – strategic goal of Habitat Poland
  • Exchanging experiences and knowledge with the business
  • Education on the topics of ecology, sustainable development, energy poverty and energy efficiency
  • Empowering the beneficiaries (e.g. housing assistance, employment assistance)
  • Applying modern technologies and business know-how in projects
  • Strengthening the housing-related advocacy in cooperation with municipalities and key ministries