Center for Blind and Partially Sighted Adolescents in Warsaw: Renovation completed

The renovation of the Center for Blind and Partially Sighted Adolescents, led by the Tęcza Association in Warsaw, has been successfully finished. The building’s roof was renovated, which improved the living conditions of 55 young people who use the center’s facilities.

The renovation was necessary as the old roof posed threat not only to people inside the building but also in its surroundings.

“As the previous roof covering was old, its pieces were slipping off, posing threat to people in the building’s surroundings. Water used to get inside through the holes in the roof. This resulted in leaking on to the electrical installation and damaging the plaster, which was dangerous as well,” said Andrzej Krajewski, who represents the Tęcza Association.

We helped the Tęcza Association to renovate the building and offered them an interest-free loan, which enabled them to cover the costs of professional works to be done there. We also gained support from our business partners – the Dow Chemical Company and Wienerberger.

We would like to thank the Wienerberger company for donating 440 m2 of ceramic roof tiles and all the necessary accessories.

We are also grateful for the support received from the Dow Chemical Company. Its employees helped to impregnate the roof truss.

The Tęcza Association would like to express its gratitude as well:

“The new roof covering in the Center at Leonarda 12 prevented the rooms inside – where people with multiple disabilities take part in rehabilitation and educational classes – from being continuously damaged. Our Association, which takes care of people with visual impairments and severe disabilities, expresses its great gratitude for all the help with the renovation works,” said Andrzej Krajewski from the Tęcza Association.

More general information can be found in the description of the project: Renovation of the Center for Blind and Partially Sighted Youth in Warsaw.