Renovation of the Care and Rehabilitation Center for mentally impaired adults in Otwock

In 2016 we helped to renovate the Care and Rehabilitation Center for mentally impaired adults, run in Otwock by the Revita Foundation.

How did we help? (about the renovation project)

There were several rooms in the Center which were out of use and in urgent need of refurbishment. We helped the Revita Foundation to renovate these rooms, so new residents could move in. This way the Center can admit more people into their care. During the works we created two extra bedrooms and a bathroom. They can be utilized as a space for mentally impaired adults who stay in the Center temporarily and learn how to become more independent.

The biggest room was set up as a physical therapy room. Providing this type of therapy is necessary as the residents are in their majority middle-aged people, hence the need for such activities which will help them maintain physical agility.

We involved into the renovation works groups of foreign volunteers, who visited us via the Global Village volunteering program. In total, our initiative was supported by 3 groups: 10 volunteers from Canada (in July), 10 from US and Australia (in August) and 12 from Japan (in August). Together they contributed 1372 hours of help by installing drywall, spackling, painting, etc.

Who did we help? (about the Revita Foundation)

The Revita Foundation was set up by parents and relatives of mentally impaired people who are in need of constant care and support. The aim of the Foundation is to provide decent housing conditions as well as the sufficient level of care to their residents, especially to those who cannot count on help of their families anymore.

The Foundation runs the Care and Rehabilitation Center in Otwock (Warsaw area), which offers support to mentally impaired adults. The Center is located in an two-story building which can accommodate up to 16 residents. The Center provides a safe space for those who need attention and professional care 24/7. In and around the Center, there is plenty of space for residents to safely spend time and participate in therapeutic activities (such as art therapy or physical therapy classes).

More about the Revita Foundation can be found on their website:

Details of the project:

July 2016 – August 2016

Otwock (near Warsaw)

Magdalena Ruszkowska-Cieślak