Offer of partnership for NGOs

Habitat for Humanity Poland supports other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which help people at risk of homelessness and housing poverty. In cooperation with them it builds and renovates apartments for people in homelessness, combating addition, foster care alumni, the elderly and disabled.

The basic help of Habitat Poland for other NGOs constitutes of an interest-free loan for covering the construction or renovation costs. Additionally, as much as it is able to, Habitat Poland:

  • provides supervision of the construction works and coordinates them
  • engages its volunteers for simpler work at the construction site
  • secures building materials from its donors

Because of the limited organisational capabilities, the constructed or renovated housing units should not be further than 2 hours away from one of the Habitat Poland offices (Gliwice or Warsaw).


If your non-governmental organisation needs support in building or renovating housing units for its beneficiaries, write to Magdalena Ruszkowska-Cieślak, the Director of Habitat Poland:

Sample projects accomplished in cooperation with NGOs:

Central Poland

Adaptation of office space into emergency housing for women and children fleeing domestic violence
Help in the construction of the Youth Center for the Artistic and Spiritual Development of the “Passion of Life” Foundation in Legionowo
Renovation of the Center for Blind and Partially Sighted Youth in Warsaw

Southern Poland

Extension of a hostel serving people at risk of homelessness in Pszczyna
Renovation of the PCK Care Home in Chorzów
Renovation of the St. Brother Albert Shelter for Homeless Men in Wrocław