Get involved


For all

Everyone can get involved in our activities which serve people in need of better housing. It does not matter what is your age, education or place of living. You do not need to be a construction engineer to help us build. 

If you have a little bit of free time, we invite you to join our volunteering program. Please fill in the application form for individual volunteers and send it to We will will do our best to find such an option for volunteering which will match your interests and competences.

You can also support us financially, for example by donating money or organizing fundraising events. If you live in Warsaw, we encourage you to rent your apartment via the Social Rental Enterprise.

For schools and universities

We encourage students and teachers to get in touch with us, especially those representing school and universities which are located close to our offices in Gliwice and Warsaw. You can support us on a one-time or regular basis. The regular support may be organized via Campus Chapters, Habitat for Humanity school clubs.

Students of all ages can get involved in our projects. If you are under 16, we enourage you to take part in our educational activities and help us raise funds for people in need of better housing.  If you are 16 or older, we can additionally invite you to volunteering events at our build sites. Those events are often international in character as we build hand in hand with youth volunteers who come from abroad, for example from the US, Switzerland, Austria or Japan. 

If you want to learn more about our volunteering offer for schools and universities, contact our volunteer coordinators at

For business

In the modern business world, corporate social responsibility activities are an inherent part of HR management and communications strategies. In Poland, more and more companies notice the benefits which come from their engagement in the communities where they operate. They are aware that it makes sense to contribute some of employees’ time as well as part of their budgets, products and services to pro bono activities undertaken in cooperation with a professional non-profit organization.  

A common good practice of businesses in the field of CSR is corporate volunteering. Promotion of this kind of volunteers is part of one of the strategic objectives of Habitat for Humanity Poland. Our corporate volunteering program includes the analysis of objectives, then implementation and monitoring of joint activities and, finally, evaluation. We start cooperation with every company with the analysis of its strategic objectives and CSR priorities. Then we look for the synergy between the projects of the company and Habitat Poland. We suggest activities which are adequate in the context of both the needs of the company and the needs of the people we help. 

If you want to learn more about our offer of cooperation with business, contact our Fundraising Managers Barbara Caban ( or Anna Jakubowska-Gołębiewska (